Ultimate host CHRIS GLASS from aptm – ‘a place to meet’

Chris Glass SOHO HOUSE & A place to meet

#Unique concept: aptm Berlin

We all have that friend who constantly travels to interesting places, has superb taste, and brings people and objects together with expert ease and elan – the ultimate host. I sought to create a space where all these things could come together and called it ‘a place to meet’ or aptm

The idea was to create a ‘space’ – an empty vessel to be filled with discoveries and treasures. A space to discover art and design, food and fashion, and more. A space to spend the night (or the day) surrounded in beautiful objects that each have a story to tell. A space to entertain in a very personal format. A space to inspire and indulge. 

Not to toot my own horn, but I do think it’s a very unique concept – because it’s personal.

#Unique brand: Horizn Studios

I recently received a new trolley as a gift from Horizn Studios.

A suitcase is already a welcome gift since I travel so much, but this was even more special because the brand seamlessly combines technology, travel, and style. The  suitcase comes with a personal travel assistant – they support me in easily booking travel and accessing insider tips, and it has an integrated battery pack in case I run out of juice.

And the best part is the personalised name tag. The feel of the brand is modern, hip but accessible, and thoughtful.

#Unique guest experience: DORP – Cape Town

Owner Gail Behr is supremely stylish. But she’s managed to up the style factor with this hotel, and at the same time it feels unpretentious and welcoming.

Dorp is set atop a hill in Bo Kaap with breathtaking views of Cape Town, and is a beacon of tranquillity and beauty. Each room is distinctly personal and the common areas feel like the living room you always wanted.

But the crown jewel is really how engaging and friendly the staff are. They are ever-present without being a nag, they’re eager to help, they call you by name, they wait up for you at night, it’s as if you’re family. In a day of anonymous and virtual everything, a receptionist that knows your name and who can’t wait to see you come again feels like a little piece of heaven.

Photo Chris Glass by Neda Navaee